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Travel safe and responsible

Here you will find some suggestions to make your trip better in to enjoy it in a responsible way:

  • If you are traveling to Peru for the first time, we suggest searching some info about the country and the cities that you are going to visit. And still if you have any questions about any topic please let us know so we will provide you information and details.
  • Tourism plays an important role in our country, and you will be able to see the wide variety of product that people offer to visitors.
  • Take care of the environment because it makes you vacation scenic and beautiful. Therefore, we recommend our visitors to use environment-friendly products.
  • Flora and fauna are very important, so let’s take care of them following the regulations that are given for parks, reservation and natural areas.
  • Peru is a country that has a variety of traditions, customs, and believes; so put in practice your cultural literacy. Our specialist in traveling can help you to know everything you want about the country.