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How can I book a tour?

With these few steps you will be booking your perfect trip to Peru

Your vacation in Peru has already started. Here we will detail for you the steps to start your booking and prepare everything for your vacation in the land of the Incas. So don't waste more time and let us help you.

Contact Us

Email a request telling us the destinations, dates and specific interests of your dream trip. Your travel agent will carefully check this information and you will get the information back within 24 hours.

After you contact us, our first step is to learn about your travel requirements (where you want to go, how you like to travel, your timeframe, who´s coming with you, budget, health and diet considerations, etc.) and your interests and passions. Once we have all the information, we will create a complimentary preliminary itinerary and budget for your customized tour in Peru.

Customize Your Trip

Based on this information, as well as our expertise, once you have received the preliminary itinerary you can customize it and request help as needed until the tour is the perfect one you were looking for.

Book your ideal itinerary & Packing

Once we have your final approval of the planned itinerary, you can start with the reservation process of all your requirements. The process starts with the confirmation of your hotels and trains. This process takes between two and three business days. Once we receive the confirmation, we will get in contact with you and ask for a 40% deposit for your total trip amount. This allows to prevent surprising changes after you have already made your choices and defined your accommodations and services. Once the deposit was sent successfully, we will proceed with the reservation of tours, transportation and entrance tickets. In the following days we will confirm in advance that all your requirements were reserved; in this way we avoid having last minute uncomfortable surprises and changes.